The 10 Best Crypto Trading Apps of 2024

Invest, trade, and sell hundreds of cryptocurrencies with 2023's top crypto exchange apps. Find easy-to-use apps with low minimum balances and start investing today.

Last Updated: June 2024

Cryptocurrency and Crypto Trading Apps

Cryptocurrency refers to any kind of peer-to-peer, digital currency. “Crypto” stems from “cryptography,” a system of complex equations used to add security to digital exchanges. In addition to providing security, cryptography gives digital coins their value. In a process known as “mining”, new coins for a specific cryptocurrency are created in a process that is both finite and labor-intensive, two qualities that generally provide value to assets. Lastly, cryptocurrency is democratic: the peer-to-peer nature of cryptocurrency means that trades are not managed by a third party or government, but rather by the cryptocurrency users themselves.

In summary, a cryptocurrency is a decentralized, digital form of money that has built-in security and value.

You don’t need a super-powered crypto mining computer or insider market knowledge to invest in crypto: your smartphone will do just fine. Cryptocurrency trading apps—also known as crypto exchanges—are platforms that allow investors to convert traditional currency into crypto, buy a variety of crypto coins, and sell or trade these coins.

On our site, you’ll find a list of our favorite crypto trading apps for investors of any experience level. Whether you’re new to crypto and want to learn the ropes or you’re a seasoned investor who requires competitive trading tools, you’ll find the right app on our list above.

This is Why You Should Invest

We get it: if you’re new to stock trading, it can all feel a bit…overwhelming. That’s where stock trading apps come in. These user-friendly platforms teach you the ins and outs of trading, so you can meet your investing goals without investing all of your free time.

For most everyday people, the overall goal of stock trading is to build their wealth. Money that sits idle in a savings account can lose value with time due to inflation. Sure, your bank account might accrue 1% interest, but these dividends would be wiped clean if the inflation rate is 2% or higher. When savings are properly invested, they can accrue much higher returns that far outpace inflation.

To protect your savings against inflation—and to grow these savings in your sleep—try downloading a stock trading app.

How to Find the Best Crypto Trading App for You

To find the best-fit crypto trading app for you, start by thinking about your experience level. Let’s break down the most common expectations for beginner, intermediate, and expert traders, below:

  • Beginner: Newer crypto traders will want to use apps that feature learning opportunities and an easy-to-use interface. While clicking through our list of crypto trading apps, search for apps that feature articles, videos, and real-time learning modules so you can gain a holistic understanding of the world of crypto while making your first investments. Secondly, focus on apps that let you trade with ease: to start, you mainly need to know which crypto coins are trending up, how much they cost, and when (if appropriate) you should sell.
  • Intermediate: Intermediate traders will care less about the basics and more about upcoming crypto trends and news. The intermediate trader may want access to real-time trend graphs, a crypto news page that is updated daily, and a social platform to communicate with other traders.
  • Expert: The expert trader requires access to professional tools and a wide range of investment products. Pros may want to manage a non-custodial DeFi wallet, offer or accept crypto at their business, or invest in NFTs and other digital securities. In addition to pro tools, experienced traders will want access to hundreds of different cryptocurrencies: if something starts to blow up, you’ll want to be on the ground floor.

Invest in More than Crypto

Click through the sites above, and you’ll notice that many crypto trading apps allow customers to invest in more than digital currencies. Some trading apps will let you invest in traditional investment products, such as stocks, bonds, ETFs, and mutual funds. Other platforms allow customers to access nontraditional investment options such as gold, silver, and other precious metals.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It depends. A few trading apps are completely free, others may charge customers a small percentage on commissions, and some may require customers to pay a monthly subscription fee. When selecting the crypto app right for you, be sure to read over your desired app’s pricing structure carefully.
Some apps charge commission fees. Commission fees for cryptocurrency transactions are typically small percentages, 1.5% or less of the overall transaction. Of course, these fees can add up quickly, so it’s important you understand the true cost of a transaction before you make it.
The crypto trading apps included in our list are all vetted and legitimate. Many of the companies listed above use two-factor authentication, agree not to sell your data, and use encryption throughout the transaction process. Be sure to read the user agreement and other customer information for any stock trading platforms you want to try. It’s also important to understand that crypto is a volatile market. While it’s well known that every investment contains some form of risk, experimental currency such as crypto incurs a much higher investment risk than more traditional assets.
People trade crypto for one primary reason: high risk, high return. As mentioned earlier, the crypto market is extremely volatile. While the unpredictability in the market can result in a customer’s loss of their principal, it can also result in significant profit. If you’re interested in higher-risk investing in the hopes of larger returns, crypto may be the asset for you.